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Please Note: It is up to you to check that your phone will work with your new network. We cannot be responsible if there are bands/hardware requirements that are not met by the phone after the phone is unlocked. With a few exceptions these networks will work with each other – Rogers / Fido / ChatR / Bell / Telus / Koodo / Virgin / Solo / AT&T will work with unlocked phones in that group, and Wind / Mobilicity / T-Mobile USA will work with each other’s phones. Some phones overlap into both categories, but it is up to you to check before ordering.

If you have tried unlocking your phone before you came to us, please contact us before ordering your code. Some phones have a maximum amount of tries you can attempt before they become hard locked, which restricts unlock attempts. There can be no refunds on orders for hardlocked phones.

In some instances your codes will be returned as “NOT FOUND” – meaning the phone is not listed on the database. If this happens please reply back to the Order Completed e-mail to check for further options. You will be issued a refund if you wish, or if other options are available then

If your phone is rooted/jailbroken or reflashed with non-factory software you might receive a false “unlock unsuccessful” message. Please unroot and/or flash to factory ROM before ordering.