We’re happy to announce the SL3 service is back online!

There are 2 services running – “REGULAR” and “EXPRESS”

With each service, there is an estimated processing time shown before you order. We run the one of the fastest SL3 servers on the web, and you can be sure that your phone code will be processed as quickly as possible.

Question: How long will it take my code to be calculated?
Answer: It depends on the systems load and availability, but we do our best to enter 1 hour barrier. As you are familiar brute-force attacks are done on a random basis, and your code might be done in 1 minute to 1 hour. Please be advised, that this time does NOT include the time you are in the queue. If you want to get up in the queue, just order the Express service.

Question: When unlocking is done do you send NCK codes or only MASTER SP code?
Answer: We send you the unlock code.

Question: What kind of phones do you unlock?
Answer: – We can unlock 15 digit SL3 Nokia locked phones. The 20 digit are NOT supported currently. Please, when you add hash, you must be absolutely sure that it is 15 digit SL3 locked, otherwise after the bruteforce attack we use, no code will be found and you will loose your credits. We also don’t accept Telcel Mexico locked phones. This operator manipulates the hash of the phone and even though unlock code is generated, that code will not be accepted by the phone. Tools like Infinity Best recognize those phones, so please don’t upload them.

Question: What is your server capacity/speed?
Answer: – Our current capacity is 80 logs/phones per day.

Question: Do you have API?
Answer: – Yes we support DHRU API. Contact us for more information.