Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 edge from Vodafone Spain

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Which networks does this unlocking service support?

This service will unlock Galaxy S7 edge phones from any network, worldwide! Our codes come from the factory databases, so if it is a Galaxy S7 edge, we can unlock it!
Please note: Some phones will not be compatible with all networks, even after they are unlocked. Please make sure it will work with the network you wish to use before ordering this service.

How long will it take to have my Galaxy S7 edge unlocked?

Your Galaxy S7 edge will be unlocked in 1-24 hours, possible delays on the weekends and major holidays. Some services are automated, with no human intervention required, assuring you the fastest turnover times available in the industry.

Why should I unlock my Galaxy S7 edge?
Increase its value
You can sell your unlocked mobile phone to anyone in any country unlike a locked phone that can be resold within the same country to people use the same network as you.
Worldwide use
Save money on your next business trip or holiday. You can take your unlocked Galaxy S7 edge anywhere there is a supported network, purchase a local prepaid SIM Card, and pay local rates!
Perhaps you were given a Galaxy S7 edge from a friend or family member, but they were not using your network! This service will allow you to use your Galaxy S7 edge quickly and easily.
Is it legal to unlock my Galaxy S7 edge?
Unlocking your phone is 100% legal and secure. No software to be installed, no hardware tampering!

Can I trust UnlockCanada to unlock my phone?

UnlockCanada and other EZCell Communications services have made a name for ourselves in this industry. We have been around since 2006, serving the Canadian cellular unlocking market. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if the codes provided do not work. This is very rare, as 99.9% of orders go through without a hitch.

I’m not very technically savvy, is it difficult to unlock my phone?

If you can dial a phone number, you can unlock your phone. Its really just that easy!

How to unlock my Galaxy S7 edge with a SIM Unlock code

  1. Order your Galaxy S7 edge Unlock Code and complete the order using PayPal.
  2. We will email your unlock code to you in 1-24 hours
  3. Pop in your invalid SIM Card (one that is not from the original network the phone is locked to) and power on your phone.
  4. You will receive a prompt to enter the code. Dial the 8 digit code into your phone and you are done!

If you run into any trouble at all, feel free to contact us and our expert staff will help you out.

Will the unlock codes damage my phone?

  • Removing the network restriction on your phone with unlock codes is the safest form of unlocking available. These codes were programmed by the manufacturer at the factory level. You simply enter the provided codes directly into your via the keypad to remove the network restriction.
  • All our Galaxy S7 edge unlocking services are guaranteed to work, or your money back. Video proof might be required in some instances.
  • Quickest available permanent official network unlock guaranteed.
  • Easily switch SIM cards between carriers using the same phone
  • Our Automated system will E-Mail you the Galaxy S7 edge unlock code as soon as it is ready.
  • Unlock your Galaxy S7 edge device from the comfort of your own home, quickly and easily.
    There is absolutely no risk of damaging your Galaxy S7 edge by unlocking it.


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